No Law City

Stories from the underground


No Law City  Redemption (2020)

In the context of the post-coronavirus lockdowns, the economy has collapsed, the city is under communist UN control. Joe risks everything to investigate, find and trade medical information to expose the big scam.

The Bright Mirror (2017)

Take a deep dive into a thrilling story unmasking the true dangers of social media and the deep Internet: Markus Jones, A web developer is building a new AI social application. He has the ability to make someone’s life better… or miserable.

The Rise of Deadcat 

Jimmy Reynolds, aka DeadCat is a well known DJ superstar. The popular artist is at the top of the charts in all the media channels. A French producer promises DeadCat a world of fame, only to dispose of him once the ratings went low.

Dirty Games (2017)

Dirty Games is a dramatic and suspenseful story about international football fraud and deception. Based in true events of massive fraudulent operations, this film shows the tangled connections within politics, financial institutions, corporations and sport leagues. Making the biggest show in the world a multinational scam of epic dimensions.

The Dark Network - (2016)

The dark network is a place where illegal trade is rising. When a sycophatic weapon trader decides to get ride of someone, he will do anything possible. Enjoy a powerful action film loaded with blasts of bizarro world and drama.

Dark Politics (2015)

The story of a corrupt senator who gets involved with a mafia ring. Action, Drama, Suspense, Thriller.

The Blue Beam Project (2013)

The Blue Beam Project is a solid high-voltage, glitch-action scy-fi tale. A renegade cyber currier is in possession of a powerful device that will activate an electromagnetic antenna, shooting a massive blue beam, this will create a biblical extraterrestrial invasion hologram. At the end, it's all a deception. Joe ruins the plan and fades in clandestinity.

Save on Meats

This film is a graphical shocker depicting a dysfunctional society reaching the limits of greed and selfishness, where the pleasures of the rich are achieved at the expense of the suffering and misery of the poor. A film that touches your nerves and makes you question the values of modern humanity. Based in real life occurrences and events.

The Last Souvenir

Returning from a vacation the Amazon, Jack Doe enters a paranormal-induced psicodellic trip towards the most creepy situation a human can ever experience.

The Dark Network

When no one can trace you, you better be careful. "No Law City, The Dark Network" is another short, epic action film showing what can happen when you make business with the wrong people, at the wrong time, in the wrong city.

The Last Payment

Another epic movie of No Law City, "The Last Job" is a thrilling episode where you find yourself living a parallel reality fictional story full of action and intensity. Hold on tight to your chair and enjoy this flick!

The Pharma Connection (2012)

This classic indy films shows the deep corruption within the pharma industry and how this corruption expands beyond science and moves into all levels of government.